Terms of Use

Rules for using the Bayat Travel search service

Before using the service, please read the terms and conditions of use of “Bayat Travel” LLC search service. The fact of using the Service is acceptable in any way, i.e. the user's full and unconditional consent to use the Service under the following conditions.

1. General provisions

1.1. These rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") define the terms of use of the “Bayat Travel” LLC Search Service, the rights to which are provided by:

Go Travel Un Limited, registered as a legal entity on 18.08.2011 in accordance with the legislation of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong Owned by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Owner of the Service"), Registration Certificate No. 1658681, the company's registered office is located at 1504 Chinachem Tower, 15 / F, 34-37 Connaut Road Central, Hong Kong

Auto Europe Deutschland GmbH, Landsbergerstraße 155, 80687 München, registration number HRB 149 828 München acts as a direct intermediary in the car rental market worldwide for Auto Europe LLC. Auto Europe LLC, 43 Northport Dr, Portland, ME 04103, USA is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the state of Delwar, USA, registration number No. 3726730 (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Europe").

IT Travel LP (registration number in the UK: SL24264, 9a Tinto Place, EH6 5GD, Edinburgh, UK) shall make a public transfer search and booking services offer.



1.2. For the purposes of these Rules, "Bayat Travel” search service (hereinafter - the "Service") means a software product provided for access to the website https://www.bayattravel.com and its intended for the following purposes: :

  • Based on user requests, third parties - airlines, agencies, booking systems, etc. search for and provide information to the User about the touristic services they provide, as well as facilitate (automate) the acquisition (booking) of those touristic services;
  • Tracking of statistical information on the prices of touristic services to the given destinations and advertising information of third parties and submission of the Service to the User who has registered subscription to postal items through electronic communication channels;
  • Personalization of the Service's functional capabilities by registering in the Service, as well as providing the ability to remember the data specified by the User and the parameters of the Service's functions;
  • Submission of travel information materials to the User for review on the Bayat Travel blog;
  • Providing the User with the opportunity to participate in advertising campaigns and competitions organized by the Service owner and / or its partners.

1.3. The User expresses its full and unconditional consent to the fact that the use of the Service, as well as any of its parts in any way, means that the User is familiar with these Rules and fully and unconditionally agrees with their content. If the User does not accept the terms of the Rules in full, he / she should not use the Service.

1.4. Unless otherwise agreed by the User and the owner of the Service, the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic shall apply to these Rules and all relations related to the use of the Service. Any objections and claims arising from the use of these Rules and / or the Service shall be filed and considered in accordance with the current legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

1.5. If one or more provisions of the Rules are considered invalid or invalid for any reason, this does not affect the validity and application of other provisions of the Rules.

1.6. The Agreement on the processing and storage of personal data of users is an integral part of these rules ( https://www.bayattravel.com/privacy ).

2. Use of the Service

2.1. The Service Owner provides the User with the right not to transfer the Service for direct functional use in the territory of all countries and exclusively for the purposes specified in paragraph 1.2 of the Rules, free of charge, on the basis of a simple (non-exclusive) license.

2.2. Interaction with the Service, including the formation of User requests for touristic services, is carried out exclusively by means of graphical interface tools provided to the Users of the Service. With the help of the graphical interface of the service, the User is provided with the opportunity to get acquainted with the offers of third parties on the prices of touristic services on the assigned routes, as well as to get a link to those third-party websites. In some cases, with the help of the Service's software, the User may be able to send the information necessary for obtaining touristic services directly to the third party selling services in order to fill in and book the website of the Service owner. References to any third party website, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature provided by the Service, as well as the information required by the User to complete the services and send this information to a third party for booking presentation of the specified functionality of those products (services, activities,

2.3. Purchase (registration) and payment of touristic services is carried out on the websites of third parties that offer them for sale. The user has been notified and confirms that he understands the situation, that the owner of the Service:

  • Does not it act as an intermediary between the User and the third party selling tickets;
  • Does not participate in mutual settlements with the User, does not receive money from the User for the use of the Service or for the purchase by the User of touristic services found with the help of the Service;
  • Accuracy of information on touristic services submitted for sale by third parties, money transfers, execution of transportation contracts, etc. does not guarantee and is not responsible for them.

In the event of disputes in the above circumstances, the User undertakes to apply to those who have entered into a relationship with the User for the sale of air tickets, money transfers or transportation, in order to resolve them.

2.4. When using the service, the User agrees with the following:

  • Not to interfere with the work of the Service in a way that results in the failure of the Service, as well as not to form requests by means outside the user interface;
  • Not to use any programs and applications that are not allowed by the Service Owner to interact with the Service;
  • Not to modify, improve, translate, decompile, break, decode, emulate, compromise the integrity of the source code or any part of it by disassembler (disassembler) software;
  • Not to use the service for illegal purposes.

2.5. The Service Owner has the right to terminate the maintenance of the Service, change its functionality, as well as to prohibit the User at any time at his own discretion, in which case the User must stop using the Service.

2.6. With the help of the software of the service, the User is provided with the opportunity to register subscriptions and receive the following by e-mail:

  • News about price changes to dates and flight destinations of interest to the user,
  • News and advertisements from “Bayat Travel” service. 

The User agrees that the User's registration and / or use of the relevant subscription is considered to be the User's agreement with the following:

  • In order for the User's e-mail address to be sent to the User by the Service owner or persons authorized by him, and for the User to receive those letters,
  • Use of the Service Owner and third parties (external advertisers) to obtain advertising information integrated into the items.

If the user does not agree with the conditions specified in this paragraph, he / she shall refuse to receive the items by following the relevant reference contained in each letter.

2.7. With the help of the software of the Service, the User is given the opportunity to personalize the functionality of the Service according to their needs. The User agrees that the facts of the User's registration in the Service and use of the registration account provided to the User in the Service are considered as the User's consent to the processing of his / her registration account data for the purposes of the Service specified in paragraph 1.2.

3. Responsibility

3.1. The functionality of the service is provided on a "as is" basis. The Service Owner does not guarantee the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the Service, its individual parts, components or functions, the functionality of the Service in accordance with the specific goals and expectations of the User, the accuracy, precision, completeness and timeliness of information provided by the Service. , as well as any other warranties not expressly set forth in these Rules.

3.2. Service Owner Any direct or indirect consequences of the use or inability to use the Service (including data) and / or the use or non-use of the Service (including data) or its individual components and / or functions or impossibility to use, as well as damage to the User and / or third parties as a result of possible errors or violations in the work of the Service.

3.3. The User undertakes to use the Service in accordance with the laws of the country of residence, as well as to violate the restrictions established by local legislation for the use of the Service.

3.4. The User is independently liable to third parties for actions related to the use of the Service, including in the event that such actions violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for compliance with the legislation applicable to the use of the Service.

3.5. In case of any dispute, the User must take measures to settle the dispute before the court before applying to the court to resolve the dispute. For this purpose, send a letter to the owner of the Service with an accurate description of the dispute and related circumstances, as well as an electronic copy   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should send to the address. The period for consideration and response to the claim is 30 days from the date of its receipt by the Service owner.

4. Service rights

4.1. Intellectual property rights related to the Service, including the results of intellectual activity included in the Service and / or used by the Service, such as texts, images, designs, databases, know-how, trademarks, trade names and other means of identification, etc. , as well as domain names owned by the Service owner or provided to the Service owner by the right holders on the basis of a license or other basis, or placed by the Service owner on behalf of the right holders.

4.2. Intellectual property objects, the exclusive rights of which do not belong to the Owner of the Service, can be provided by the Service Owner only to users of a certain airline, agency, booking system, etc. posted in order to provide information about.

4.3. The use of intellectual property referred to in paragraph 4.1 is possible only within the functional scope provided by the Service. The User agrees that, except for the rights explicitly stated in the Rules, the use of the Service does not grant him any rights in terms of the specified intellectual property.

5. Changing the rules

5.1. The Service Owner reserves the right to change these Rules unilaterally at any time and without prior notice. Informing the User about the changes made to the terms of the Rules and the current version of the Rules are published on the website https://bayattravel.com/en/press-center/terms-of-use 

5.2. Unless otherwise agreed in the relevant published material, the amendments to the Rules shall enter into force on the date of their publication.